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Hi, I’m Antoinette, a Freelance Editor and Professional Reader working with Black, independent and self-published authors looking to elevate their manuscripts and academic papers. Based in Los Angeles, I collaborate with writers and small publishers from around the world to celebrate and share the stories of Black heritage and culture.

I founded Black & Bookish Literary Collective when I discovered Black authors weren’t getting the recognition I thought they deserved. Having grown up in the small, Black town of Eatonville, FL (the hometown of Zora Neale Hurston), the value of Black Storytelling is a part of my personal history.

My work continues where Black visionaries have started- to uplift Black voices from past to present. Launched in 2016, Black & Bookish is the place where our stories and histories matter.

Your life is already artful- waiting, just waiting for you to make it art.
— Toni Morrison


The Color Purple Book Cover Photographed by Black & Bookish

A place for Readers too

Black & Bookish started as a space to post my Year of Black Books reviews but has become a community to support all your bookish needs. You’ll find a variety of content featured on:

  • Book Reviews and Lists

  • Cultural pieces on events, Black life, and history

  • Anti-Racist and Social Justice Resources

  • Writing tips and Literary Services

Black & Bookish Literary Collective provides a full-service experience into Black Literary Arts.

What others are saying


Antoinette’s ability to provide specific, succinct, and useful feedback on working drafts of my graduate thesis is something I’ve come to rely on. She not only provides fruitful insights into the experience of reading my work but also asks questions that challenge the writer to communicate with clarity and confidence. As a former newspaper editor and English instructor, I appreciate the level of skill and experience that produces Antoinette’s reliable criticism.


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