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I try never to take myself for granted as somebody who should be out there speaking. Rather, I’m doing it only because I feel there’s something important that needs to be conveyed.
— Angela Davis

Welcome to Black & Bookish

I'm Antoinette Scully, the creator and all around lover of literature. I'm a mother and writer, lending my voice to the growing number of black women who intentionally bring awareness to race relations through my study history, culture, and literary arts. 

My education background led me into the workforce of the public school system. My social justice activism was a path to motherhood and education activism for homeschoolers. Now I work from home, raising two children with my film-making husband. We're an unconventional family with a big heart for social action and community. 


When I launched Black and Bookish, I tried to stay up to date with the latest book releases and movie premieres. That caused blogger burnout almost immediately. Now I choose to write about content that is easily accessible- available at the library or streaming.

The lives of black women are inherently political- we are the other and in working to show our humanity, we come up against the normal and right. I'm a complete and whole person, and my content will reflect that. Sometimes the best way to relate to a book is to talk about my life or family.


It Began With An Idea

I started building my site at the end of 2015. I wanted to hold myself accountable as an activist and historian to do the research: to read more books by black authors. In 2016, My Year of Black Books, I only bought or read books in this category and mostly written by women. I found there to be numerous books by authors of color in all genres. 

Although I grew up in an all black town (or maybe because of it), it wasn't until I lived in Los Angeles for a while that I saw I had a deficit when talking about or understanding the full history of race and race relations (This is not to say that I did not understand or experience racism). The idea of blogging about this experience excited me.

In my favorite reading chair. 

The goal of Black and Bookish is to show that individuals who identify as Black are NOT a MONOLITH. 

We are a diverse group of souls with a shared history of violence and racism. We are as complex as any group of people, regardless of how we are portrayed in movies and in the media.

Black and Bookish exists as a space for exploration into African/African-American history, culture, literature, and art. It is through the lens of the books I read, the movies I watch, and the people I meetThis is a year long experiment that became a life long project.

You can read more about my reasons in the following posts: What Made Me Go All Black and a review of Voices of Black America

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