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Art hurts. Art urges voyages - and it is easier to stay at home.
— Gwendolyn Brooks


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We acknowledge the hard work of Black writers, especially when you’re a self-published author. You are your own, writer, editor, marketing and promotion all rolled into one. You are the authors working festivals, conferences, and book tours, and doing it all on your own. Many of you have a full-time jobs, or families to support- but you never gave up on your dream to be a published author. We know the impact of representation and a company that supports you and we are here to celebrate your story.


We provide affordable reviews on our site, tailor made for you.


Children’s Books

Author: Ama Kuma

Author: Ama Kuma

Starting at $225

Poetry/Short Form

Author: Camari Carter

Author: Camari Carter

Starting at $250

Traditional Fiction/Nonfiction

Author: Rod Palmer

Author: Rod Palmer

Starting at $270


Reviews are open to any writer who has heritage within the African Diaspora.

Basic Info:

  • Project Timelines take about 6 weeks.

  • Books must be in published form (sorry no manuscripts)

  • Advanced Reader Copies Are Accepted

Services Include:

  • A focused, yet casual read of your book

  • Follow up packet with any additional notes, digital “Reviewed By” stamp, and review publication date

Services Do Not Include:

  • Editing, Coaching, or Ongoing Project Consultation

  • Physical changes or edits made to your book

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Note: Books that are written from a discriminatory perspective (homophobia, sexism, fatophobia, etc.) are not a good fit for this site.