Bookish Project Consultations

Consultations consist of regularly scheduled, hourlong talks in-person, or by remote video/voice. This allows the client to work at their own pace and complete action items on their time. Sessions can begin at any stage of the process and can conclude with an evaluation of your content if it’s a manuscript. We can also use this time for Sensitivity Consultations so you don’t waste time creating stories that perpetuate oppression.

These consultations are wide open and can encompass a wide range of projects and needs, no matter the complexity. I invite you to schedule a call with me in order to discuss how best to proceed with your project.

Examples of current or previous projects I’ve worked on include:

  • Creating a cookbook

  • Assessing a graduate thesis/Ugly Draft Read

  • Research and Database Creation

  • Curriculum Development

  • Co-Creating a community book fair

When Do You Need One? 

  • You have a story idea and you want help planning and executing it

  • You’ve started your manuscript but got stuck along the way

  • You want to create a bookish event and would like some guidance

  • You’d like moral support in any aspect of your reading or writing life

Black & Bookish Project Consultation Services Include:

  • Scheduled meetings to keep your project on track

  • Moral support to keep you writing

  • Whatever you need to make your project a success

Consultation Services Do Not Include:

  • Book review for print or online publication

  • Manuscript critique of your book or article (but can be added later)

  • A spotlight review on Black & Bookish

Project RATES


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