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I want you to write yourself into history because no matter what history books say, even you are a part of it.

Give Your content Upgrade

Congratulations! Your hard work is noticed and appreciated. Whatever you’ve been working on has value and worth. Late nights staring at a computer screen, agonizing over every word to the point where you can’t even look at it any more. I understand. We’ve all been there.

The positive news is that you’ve come to a stopping point and you're ready to move on to the next step. But what is the next step?

Instinctively, you know someone should look at it. Maybe you're ready to show off your hard work and get some feedback. Maybe you’re ready for someone to eliminate those extra words and structure your sentences better. Maybe you don't know what you need. Regardless of where you are in your writing process, a professional can help. 

I can help. I offer a variety of services for finished books and manuscripts in various states. I also provide consultation services for literary projects of all kinds.

Support is available at every step so you can create the story your heart wants to tell. It’s okay if you’re new to the industry and not sure what services you need. Or if you’ve got a great a idea and don’t know where to start. We can figure that out together. My work is to guide you to the best possible content you can write.

Types of Services

Types of Content

Published Books

Manuscripts (In various stages)

Academic Papers

In print or Online Articles for Publication

Mini Manuscript Critique

This is the process of making sure your story has all the elements it needs by looking at it from a big picture perspective. This is a solid first step for publishing (not copyediting) since you want to determine if your story is cohesive. This type of consultation can be done at any time during your writing process to make sure you have every element in place to produce a standout book.

This can also be called a manuscript evaluation. I focus on story structure, plot, and characters for fiction; or if your thesis is solid for nonfiction. I make sure all the pieces work together to make a great book or article. I’ll ask the questions “does this work” and “is this what the premise states”. This read-through will give you a base line for where you are and how your book would do if it were published as is.

Although this can also be called Story Editing, I won’t be changing any of your content at this stage. Instead you’ll receive an comprehensive letter with all of my thoughts. I’ll make notes as I read and may make suggestions. Then we can schedule a call to discuss my thoughts and your best next steps.

When Do You Need One? 

  • You’re looking for constructive criticism and targeted suggestions to smooth out the rough patches in your work

  • You’re not ready for a full critique or copyediting services

Black & Bookish Mini Manuscript Services Include:

  • A complete read of your manuscript with light annotations

  • 3-5 page critique letter focused on story structure, plot, clarity, and characters

  • One-hour phone call with actionable next steps

Mini Critique Services Do Not Include:

  • Physical changes made to your manuscript

  • Book review for print or online publication

  • A spotlight review on Black & Bookish


Manuscript Critique

Prices vary by word count.

Sensitivity Consultation

These manuscript critiques are focused on some part of your writing decided ahead of time between the author and the editor. My specialty is using my lived experiences and expertise to eliminate bias, negative stereotypes, and clichés from your stories. I look at in-progress manuscripts to give honest feedback on how your story represents someone or something, most often how you represent People of Color.

Sensitivity reads, also known as authenticity checks, are not new to the publishing process. What is different now is checking for authenticity around marginalized voices. I’ll comb through your work to help you provide truly diverse perspectives and stories of inclusion. The characters you create are yours to keep, but when they lack depth due to a narrow perspective, Sensitivity Readers are able to give you a clear understanding of how your writing perpetuates oppressive beliefs toward marginalized people. Consultations can also be arranged before you began writing to ensure your writing is free of bias before it’s too late to change it.

The controversy around our need is misleading- we are not interested in creating or promoting censorship. This service is to elevate writing, authors, and publishing. We all want to see more diversity but not at the expense of terrible tropes.

“Sensitivity readers are only controversial if you ignore the fact that in this diverse country, it is entirely possible to publish a book that has been selected, read, and edited by only white people.”


When Do You Need One? 

  • Anytime you write from a perspective you are not familiar with

  • Stories that feature/include a point of view or group of people that is different from your lived experiences

  • A line of defense to ensure your book is free of bias and internalized oppressive beliefs

Black & Bookish Sensitivity Reader Services Include:

  • In depth, line by line read of your manuscript

  • Comprehensive critique letter

  • One-hour phone call with actionable next steps

Sensitivity Reader Services Do Not Include:

  • Physical changes made to your manuscript

  • Book review for print or online publication

  • A spotlight review on Black & Bookish


Sensitivity Consultation

Prices vary by word count starting from $250.

Beta/Early Reviewer

Beta reading will give you a preview of how your book will be received after being published. I read and review finished manuscripts or books about to be published. Through an honest review, I can express how I feel about the details of the story and whether we would recommend it to your audience.

Journals, print, and online magazines publish reviews of forthcoming book releases to gain interest. Early Reviews help an author get noticed. Advanced Reader Copies are sent to various Beta Readers within that preferred genre. Publishers use these reviews to garner more interest, get positive testimonials, and prep the author of the kind of feedback they will receive. Every book can benefit from a good review. 

Publishers and editing consultants may seek out book reviews for their clients or self-published authors can reach out to me directly. Please read the descriptions below to ensure your book fits in the following category. Beta Reader services are open to people of all backgrounds.

When Do You Need One? 

  • You have published or are in the process of publishing a book (post copyediting)

  • You want to expand your marketing reach to a new audience

Black & Bookish Beta Reader Services Include:

  • A focused, yet casual read of your manuscript

  • Completion of a reader questionnaire with thoughts about your book

  • In print or online review for your site or online desired location

  • Follow-up phone call to discuss the questionnaire and best next steps

Beta Reviewer Services Do Not Include:


Beta/Early Reviewer

Prices vary by word count starting from $250.

Bookish Project Consultation

Consultations consist of a regularly scheduled, hourlong talks in-person, or by remote video/voice. This allows the client to work at their own pace and complete action items on their time. They can begin at any stage of the writing and can conclude with an evaluation if need be. We can also use this time for Sensitivity Consultations so you don’t waste time creating stories that perpetuate oppression.

These consultations are wide open since I have experience in a wide range of projects and needs, no matter the complexity. I invite you to schedule a call with me so we can discuss how best to proceed with your project.

Examples of current or previous projects I’ve worked on include:

  • Creating a cookbook

  • Assessing a graduate thesis

  • Research and Database Creation

  • Curriculum Development

  • Co-Creating a community book fair

When Do You Need One? 

  • You have a story idea and you want help planning and executing it

  • You’ve started your manuscript but got stuck along the way

  • You want to create a bookish event and would like some guidance

  • You’d like moral support in any aspect of your reading or writing life

Black & Bookish Project Consultation Services Include:

  • Scheduled meetings to keep your project on track

  • Moral sport to keep you writing

  • Whatever you need to make your project a success

Consultation Services Do Not Include:

  • Book review for print or online publication

  • Manuscript critique of your book or article (but can be added later)

  • A spotlight review on Black & Bookish

Project Consultations

Consultations are billed at $60/hr for as many hours as you need.

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