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Reading has not so much changed my life as shaped it.
— Ellis Cose, The Word




Founder and Editor

Antoinette Scully is a writer, editor, and social justice educator. She created Black & Bookish to chronicle her journey of discovery around Black lit and activism. Based in Los Angeles, the mother-of-two now offers a variety of bookish resources for readers and service for writers, in addition to speaking publicly on issues of race and publishing.

Takisha Jacobs, Editor in Chief of Black & Bookish

Editor in Chief

Takisha Jacobs is a writer, editor, educator, and bibliophile who began writing professionally at age 17. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and journalism and a master’s degree in the humanities with a concentration in African American literature. Based in Austin, she’s also the proud mother of an adorable, book-loving toddler, and the wife of a web developer.


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