Why You Need A Professional Reader

Photo by David Travis via Unsplash.com

Photo by David Travis via Unsplash.com

I want you to write yourself into history because no matter what history books say, even you are a part of it.

A Professional Reader Gives Your Writing an Upgrade

Congratulations! You’ve been laboring on the stories of your heart and you’re ready to share them with the rest of the world. You’ve spent countless hours staring at a computer screen, reworking sentences, and agonizing over every word. I have a feeling you don’t even want look at your work any more and you need a break. Know that I see your hard work and the value you bring to the world of publishing.

The glorious news is that you’ve come to a stopping point and you're ready to move on to the next step. But what is the next step?

Instinctively, you know someone should look at it. Maybe you're ready to show off your hard work and get some feedback. Maybe you’re ready for someone to eliminate those extra words and restructure your sentences a bit. Maybe you don't know what you need. Regardless of where you are in your writing process, a professional can help. 

I can help. I’m a Professional Reader.

I offer a variety of reading and editing services for finished books and manuscripts in various states. I also provide consultation services for literary projects of all kinds.

Support is available at every step so you can create the story your heart wants to tell. It’s okay if you’re new to the industry and not sure what services are right for you. Or if you don’t know where to start with your next great idea. We can figure that out together. My work is to guide you to the best possible copy you can create.

What Exactly Is A Professional Reader?

Antoinette Scully Headshot by Sara MacFarlane

The simplest answer is I read books for a living.

I’ve spent almost my entire life reading. I’ve been extensively consuming literary content, picking up patterns, and using that knowledge to guide others toward great books.

Since noticing these patterns have become second nature, it allows me to help you structure your manuscript in a way that pleases a reader. Although reading preference is subjective, we tend to gravitate toward the same types of patterns (fleshed-out protagonist, conflict resolution, etc.) and the books we return to not only satisfy those patterns, but also feed our souls.

So why not call yourself an editor?

You’re right, most people in my line of work call themselves Literary Editors.

I call myself a Professional Reader because I want to always draw the author’s attention to their audience. Of course I’m here to collaborate with writers and guide their literary aspirations. But my work is to bring about better stories for a reader, and facilitate relationships between readers and authors.

Ultimately, identifying as a reader holds me to my roots. As a Black freelance reader/editor, I have the joy of holding space for the stories that people rarely hear. I’ve made it a priority that my hours revolve around Black stories, Black writers, and Black culture.

That doesn’t mean non-Black authors need not apply. On the contrary, hiring a Black reader will bring a depth to your writing you won’t receive with other editors, at least not without a bit more training and effort on their part. I’m well-versed in stories of the dominate North American culture, as well as someone who sits at multiple intersections of the marked state (Black, female, mother, bisexual, urban dweller, etc.). My experience of life is wholly and uniquely mine and I can help bring out your story, one that is uniquely yours.

Favorite Genres: Speculative Fiction; Afrofuturism; Creative Nonfiction; Memoirs; YA Fiction;

Types of Services

Self-Published Spotlight (Book Review)

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Research and Database Creation

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