Whats is a beta reader?

Reading broadens the scope of the world and one’s perception of where one belongs in it.
— Marita golden, The Word

Beta Readers provide honest and insightful feedback


Every book can benefit from a good review. Journals, print, and online magazines publish reviews of forthcoming book releases to gain interest. By providing Advanced Reader Copies, Beta readers will give you a preview of how your book will be received upon publishing. Early Reviews can help an author get noticed. Publishers use these reviews to garner more interest, get positive testimonials, and prep the author of the kind of feedback they will receive. Our Betas enjoy all kinds of genres and are available for authors of all backgrounds.


We would love to match your book with the perfect readers.

We offer two types of Betas


L.I.T. Beta Pool


$250 per title

Our L.I.T. program is full of passionate readers and followers of Black & Bookish. Their service is fully voluntary.

Professional Reader

Starting at $250 per title/$100 for each additional Professional Reader

Professional Readers are our paid staff that can provide a more in-depth look at your book.


Authors may choose either or a combination of both Beta options.

Basic Overview 

  • Project timeline is about 6 weeks

  • You have a newly published book or are in the final process of publishing a book (Post Copy Editing)

  • Advanced Reader Copies are accepted

Services Include

  • A focused, yet casual read of your book

  • Completion of an in-depth reader questionnaire by each Beta

  • Follow-up phone call to discuss the questionnaires and best next steps

Services Do Not Include

  • A traditional book review

  • Formal Editing services or Developmental Editing

See if betas are the right next step for your book

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