Manuscript Critique Services

I always had the sense that I could affect the way people felt about things, that I could inform the way people looked at things.
— Ellis Cose

We look at the big picture to make sure your story has all the right elements


Our editors help guide your content so you can express your story with clarity and confidence. Manuscript Critiques focus on story structure, plot, and characters for fiction; or clarity within your nonfiction thesis. This read-through will give you a base line for where you are and how your book would do if it were published as is. We’re here to make sure your story has all the parts it needs and if your message is on the mark. Our editors are thoughtful and professional, able to provide feedback to enhance your story and best next steps. Consultations can be done at any time during your writing process to ensure you have all the elements in place to produce a standout book.


We recommend critiques as a solid first step on your publishing journey


Bad Draft Check In

Starting at 1¢/word

A light critique to get you started on your next draft

Comprehensive Critique

Starting at 2.5¢/word

A deep-dive look at your draft to fix problem spots


All critique services are delivered digitally.

Some areas of Focus


Story Structure and Plot



Tone/Point of View

Thesis (Nonfiction)

Timing and Pacing



  • Project timelines can take up to 8 weeks

  • Critiques provide constructive criticism and targeted suggestions to smooth out the rough patches in your work

  • Perfect drafts aren’t needed and we won’t worry about grammar or copyediting issues

Services Include

  • A complete read of your manuscript with

  • Light annotations for Check-Ins

  • Track Changes/Full Edits for Comprehensive Critiques

  • Critique letter breakdown of the focus points above with clear, actionable next steps

Services Do Not Include

  • Physical changes made to your manuscript or Developmental Editing

  • Copyediting Services

  • Book review for print or online publication

Manuscript Critiques by Black & Bookish

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