6 Weird Confessions About My Bookish Life

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Do not desire to fit in. Desire to oblige yourselves to lead.
— Gwendolyn Brooks

We all have our flaws

Weird quirks about our personalities that we try desperately to hide. Well- I have decided to hide no longer. I love love LOVE books, but there are some bookish quirks that I like to keep in the dark. You can find what I'm reading or how I feel about my current book in multiple places around the web, but this is the only place I'll confess some of my uh oh's. Here are 6 weird confessions about my bookish life. 


I suck at spelling.

Ever see those funky memes where they have added numbers between letters and ask you to read the words they should be? I can read those. My eyes roll right over letters (or numbers) in the wrong spot. I use two different spell checks to make sure I don't post blogs riddled with misspellings. It's the dirtiest of my dirty secrets. 

I always read a few pages into every book.

New books, library books, borrowed from a friend. No matter what, I tend to read a few pages into a book. Then I stick a bookmark in it and put it on the shelf. If I'm really interested, I keep reading. Or I put it aside to finish once I've completed my current read- but that's unlikely to happen. There is a good chance that every book on my shelf has a bookmark in it from where I started to read and then put it down. No bookmark? I probably finished it. 

Photo by  Kevin Lee  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kevin Lee on Unsplash

But I hate starting a new novel.

Do you have this? Those first few pages of learning the characters and plot are the most painful. It's like driving on a dark road in the rain. Is this character important? Is this information I'll need later? Who are all these people? Where are they? It's just an anxious boat of questions. 

I’ve read very few classics.

I’ve haven't read novels by Audre Lourd, Angela Davis, or Toni Morrison (but I know their work). I thought by now I would have many more classics under my belt, but there are so many good books that it's hard to get those TBR piles smaller. I got caught up in children's books and new releases that I've neglected classics. Maybe I'll make classics my goal for next year. Any suggestions for my next one? 

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I don’t read as much as you think- some days *gasps* I don’t read at all.

I have a bit of a busy life and I don't get a chance to read as much as I want. I don't have a daily reading routine (although I should) but I sneak in some pages when I can. And I read a lot more for work and blogging than I do for pleasure so some nights I just need to decompress with a Netflix binge. 

But some days I read so much I neglect all responsibilities.

Last Saturday I read a book in bed. All 300 pages of it. I had to eat and feed my kids from time to time but rushed through a YA novel because I needed to do only that. Some days no laundry gets done and no emails get answered. Some days, we don't go anywhere and I stay off my computer and phone. Because on those days, all I want to do is read. 




Do you have any bookish confessions you want to get off your chest? Leave a comment below. 

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