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4 Simple Ways For New Writers To Get Noticed

After a few hours of talking about our various literary experiences, I was able to compile four tips for new writers get published or get their already published books reviewed and sold. This is not a comprehensive list, but might help you decide where to put your energy (we can discuss how to get an agent or hunt down a publisher in a later post). These steps are to give a general overview of what new authors tend to forget or ignore, missing opportunities right in front of them.

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The Art of Perfection Is Killing My Art (And Probably Yours Too)

If your work defines who you are and you're living in the performance zone, you may be having the same troubles I am: not living up to your expected potential. Is there anything you can do about that? Can those of us who are already professionals in our field balance our time to grow as creators AND provide quality content?

I believe we can.

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