#SipandRead: So You Want to Talk About Race

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In this individualistic nation we like to believe that systemic racism doesn’t exist.
— Ijeoma Oluo

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Title: So You Want to Talk About Race

Author: Ijeoma Oluo

Publication Year: 2018

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Sipping: Coffee

Instagram Post: 04/05/2018

I was nervous to read this book in public. Weird, right? I wouldn't consider it a "taboo" subject, but I realized that I wouldn't pull it out if I didn't want to be judged. And I never care what other people are thinking of me, especially when it comes to what I'm reading. This book has a lot of news around it and the title puts it all out there. I found myself in a starnge head space around wanting to talk about it and not wanting to talk at all. 




Have you ever felt shame around what you're reading? 

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