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Giving a talk on how to lean into anti-racism
We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.
— Gwendolyn Brooks



One-On-One Services

Professional Reader and Editor

For writers looking to polishing their manuscript and article drafts before reaching out to publishers.

Self-Published Spotlight Review

New authors who have self-published and want to expand their reach to readers in their target genre.

Bookish Project Coaching

Working to create actionable next steps together to get you started or keep your project on track no matter where you are.


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The Historic Thomas House

As pillar of the Historic Eatonville, FL community, the revitalization of the Thomas House is a community supported effort.

The Historic Thomas House

It will be the first bookstore within city limits and will provide community events such as:

  • Cooking Classes

  • Movie Nights

  • Community Meeting House for Other Organizations

  • Book Clubs

  • Reading and Writing Programs for All Ages

  • Art and Music Events

We want to collaborate with you

Are you a Historic Preservationist, Architect, or Contractor? Want to be on the ground floor as we build this amazing project?

Email me at with your company info and expertise.